Fabian Barrio

Born in Buenos Aires, pro since 1984, for two consecutive years (’91 and ’92) finished in the top 20 in the order of merit of the South American Tour. Pro in Italy since 1992, taught at Golf Varese for 8 years and in 2001 arrived at Bogogno and founded the Bogogno Golf School. In 2008, he projected and founded San Siro Golf, driving range in center of Milan.

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Carlo Zaretti

Born in Italy, 1979; player of the National Amateur Championship from 1994 to 2000, participates to the World Cup in 1997, professional instructor since 1999; from 2000 to 2001 at Golf Pavia; part of the Bogogno coaching team since 2001. Coordinator of the BOGOGNO JUNIOR SCHOOL. Flightscope Certified.

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Andrea Ferrario

Born in Italy in 1968; professional since 1994; was the official coach of Jan Francois Remesy in the European Tour from 1997 to 2006, teaches at the Bogogno Golf Resort since 1997.

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Juan Astiz

Born in Argentina in 1959; professional since 1988, develops his career in the U.S. .; Thanks to his knowledge of biomechanics applied to golf he worked with American Players on the PGA Tour, the Japan tour and Lpga tour. In Italy since 2006, takes part of the Bogogno coaching team in 2013.

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Gaston Reartes

Nato a Buenos Aires il 18/09/1970. Dal 1984 al 1991 giocatore della nazionale argentina dilettanti. Dal 1992 compete come professionista a vari Tours: PGA Argentina, PGA Tour, Latin American Tour, European Tour e PGA Italia. Dal 1997 al 2001 ha vissuto ad Orlando (USA) ed e’ stato allievo di Phil Ritson e Gary Gilchrist. In Italia dal 2002 e dal 2018 insegna al BSA.

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